Ithaki Postcards

Click on a link or photo-link above to see the Ithaki Galleries from which you can choose.

There is nothing that substitutes sending a real postcard, but when your holiday is too short for the card to arrive earlier than you or you simply can’t wait for your friends to see where you are, then we hope sending an e-Thiaki virtual postcard to your friends and loved ones will be a welcomed stand-in.

For all of you who have enjoyed the photographs on we hope you will enjoy e-Thiaki Postcards.

Photographs & Postcards by Erika Bach. Additional postcards by Rien Post (his signature is the feather in the bottom right corner) 

© 2003 – 2017 Erika Bach. © 2012 Rien Post. All rights reserved. Permission granted to reproduce for personal and educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring, lending is prohibited.

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